Lake Myvatn

Day tour to Lake Myvatn is a must do. The prip probably takes about 7-8 hours.
Your first stop should be at the waterfall Goðafoss. Here you can walk around the area, take pictures and listen to the power. Goðafoss is about 50 km from Akureyri, it's 12 m high and 30 m wide.
Next stop should be at the pseudo craters at Skútustaðir, the landscape there is really amazing and you should take a short hike.
Dimmuborgir should be your next stop. There you can see amazing lava sculptures and nature. Take a hike amongst the lava, anjoy the nature and try to see the trolls in the lava sculptures.

From Dimmuborgir you got to go to Grjótagjá wich is a collection of underground caves filled with warm geothermal water. At Grjótagjá you can also see evidence of the mid Atlantic Ridge rift where the two tectonic plates of North America and Europe are pulling apart.
Next stop is Námaskarð, sulphur fields that has amazing color scheme, you can walk between boiling and bubbling mud pools and smelly steaming sulphur pits.
Now you can either decide to go back and soak in the Jarðböð or go to Krafla caldera, a volcanic area that was last activ in 1984 and also the explosion crater Víti (Hell) that was formed in 1724. The crater is 320 m wide and is really impressive with its turquoise colored water.
Now it's time to head back but you should stop at Jarðböðin, a geothermal water where you can relax and enjoy the amazing view.
Guests pay upon arrival.